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Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Protects Gardens and Yards from Pest Animals

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Updated 10:33 AM CDT, Tue, June 16,2015

Designed to keep pest animals away from property, safely, and humanely, PestAway electronic animal repeller uses sonic and ultrasonic sound frequencies and flashing strobe lights to protect up to 900 square feet. The portable unit operates with a motion sensor that activates only when pests move into its coverage zone.

Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/16/2015 -- If there's one topic that's gets gardeners and home owners going it's the uninvited pest animals or wildlife that invade their garden or property. Predator Guard, a specialist animal repellent device manufacturer, has just released the PestAway ultrasonic animal repeller that deters raccoons from rummaging through garbage, dogs and cats from abusing yards and deer from ravaging grounds and gardens. PestAway can protect yards, gardens, porches and property from cats, dogs, deer, raccoons, squirrel, rabbits and skunks.

"Gardeners and homeowners work tirelessly to keep their gardens and yards looking green and beautiful. The PestAway ultrasonic animal repeller ensures that their job is an easier one by teaching pest animals and wildlife to stay away." says Drew Waters, product development manager at Predator Guard.

The PestAway ultrasonic animal repeller device protects up to 900 square feet from pest animal damage in: yards, gardens, porches and greenhouses, rooftops, buildings, warehouses, or other commercial or industrial sites, dumpsters, walkways and other public areas.

The ready-to-use portable unit is easy to install anywhere with keyhole slot mounts. The discreet black colored unit blends with any outdoor decor, weighs under a pound and measures just 4.33" x 3.93" x 3.74" to fit inconspicuously on your property.

The animal deterrent device's motion-sensor operation activates only when pest animals move into the coverage zone. In response, the unit emits powerful sonic and ultrasonic sound frequencies plus flashing strobe lights to keep pest animals out of the area. The weatherproof unit features a slide-over raincover to protect the controls. The dependable unit offers 24 hour protection using 2 x "9 Volt" batteries or an optional power adapter.

This humane, effective, maintenance-free ultrasonic animal repeller keeps animals away from your property safely and silently, long-term, without the need for messy, expensive or dangerous chemicals. Home and property owners can now eliminate filthy, disease-laden animal droppings and costly building repairs, and keep businesses and homes safe and sanitary.

PestAway is available immediately, as is Predator Guard's full line of environmentally safe bird and pest animal control products at


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