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TreeHugger Explores How to Teach Children to Like Veggies: Grow World Comments

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Updated 8:51 AM CST, Fri, February 24,2017

Birmingham, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/24/2017 -- TreeHugger, the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream has recent published an article exploring ways in which parents can teach their children to like vegetables. In many cases it has previously been known for parents to resort to extravagant negotiation to get their kids to eat nutritionally, however this article suggests that there are far simpler methods available.

Here are three of the methods in which TreeHugger recommended:

1.Vegetables are at their tastiest when they are prepared properly. It is all about cooking them to show off their great tastes, for example cabbage can be better roasted, and beetroot is best caramelised and so on. People simply cannot give their children ill-prepared, soggy vegetables, and then be surprised when they don't want to eat them.

2.Parents must be willing to compromise – and eating some vegetables is always better than no vegetables. People shouldn't over-face their children with piles and piles of vegetables, instead they should incorporate them into meals strategically while ensuring that they are eating a balanced diet.

3.Parents wishing for their children to eat vegetables should eat vegetables themselves in front of their children. With the full family eating the same meal, children are more likely to eat theirs and enjoy it.

A spokesperson from one of the UK's leading hydroponics suppliers, Grow World, was incredibly keen to comment saying, "Here at Grow World we think that the advice provided by TreeHugger is great as always. However, we do believe that there is an even better way to encourage children to eat their veggies, and that is hydroponics! Hydroponics allows for children to grow their own vegetables within their homes with their parents, it is fun and enjoyable and who doesn't want to eat produce that they have grown themselves?"

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