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Topers Has Manufactured an Innovative Mineral Fertilizer for Plants

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Updated 1:30 AM CST, Mon, December 14,2015

Svatovo, Ukraine -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/14/2015 -- It is close to impossible to imagine agriculture without the usage of chemical fertilizers, which feature high efficacy and ensure the best result nowadays. Such products, however, are not always safe and eco-friendly, which frequently makes their application highly questionable. Realizing this, Topers has manufactured an innovative mineral fertilizer for plants, which has already proved its efficacy and 100% safety.

"Topers Ukraine" is a credible Limited Liability Company, which is located in Ukraine and specializes in the manufacturing of high quality and eco-friendly mineral fertilizers. The products the company offers feature the top notch quality, high efficacy and, what is really important, safety. Each fertilizer for plants they produce undergoes thorough laboratory testing, due to which it is rightfully considered a new step to bioperfection. Based on the analysis of the lab tests, experts may confirm that TOPERS does not have any negative effect upon the plants during the vegetation process. Instead, this garden fertilizer ensures the optimal level of the bioproductive process, which, in its turn, positively affects the amount and quality of the harvest. This is what the company's experts tell about the product: "TOPERS is the result of the biological nanotechnologies – the new means of the optimization of the mineral plant nutrition, which makes it possible to increase the harvest amount up to 20%. Under great conditions, this amount may even reach up to 100-150%."

The main feature of TOPERS, the complex field fertilizer, is its ingredients. The concentrate contains only 100% safe ingredients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, ferrum, potassium, sulfur, magnesium, zinc, boracium, molybdenum and more. At the same time, it does not include such harmful components as phosphates, nitrates, pesticides, herbicides etc. As a result, the vegetables and plants contain vitamins and useful elements only. This is the best proof of the fact that TOPERS is really an innovative mineral fertilizer for fields and gardens, the usage of which guarantees rich and safe harvest.

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About Topers
"Topers" is a Ukraine-based Limited Liability Company, which manufactures mineral fertilizers for fields and gardens that are both safe and efficient. Each product the company produces is thoroughly tested in the laboratory of the enterprise to make sure it is really eco-friendly and effective. TOPERS is a mineral fertilizer manufactured by the company, which has become an innovation in the agrarian business. Consisting of natural ingredients only, it contributes to the improved growth of plants and helps increase the harvest amount up to 20%.

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