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School Initiative Draws Attention to the Sustainable and Social Benefit of Hydroponics

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Updated 4:15 AM CDT, Wed, March 30,2016

Wakefield, West Yorkshire -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/30/2016 -- A number of news items have recently highlighted the popularity of hydroponics as a modern method of agriculture; potentially more ethical than other commercial ways of farming too. Particular attention has been paid to Bangor High School in the US, where students have made a number of hydroponics installations; allowing them to grow a range of vegetables on the school site. This started with romaine lettuce using hydroponics equipment in December, and is now part of a bigger project of ambitious growth; with 72 lettuces so far. News like this highlights the ability of hydroponic growing to allow for boosted yields and indoor suitability; set to be embraced by UK society also.

Already a number of households in the UK are considering hydroponic methods as a way of 'growing their own', especially in light of activity from the US schools which shows that it is a form of agriculture which can be incorporated into social progress. It is also less-demanding in resources as it does not use soil and typically allows for fast yields too. Keen to comment was Hydroponica, a provider of related equipment and nutrients:

"Hydroponics can bring great joy to people as a growing method – allowing people to grow their own fruit and vegetables easily, and in a potentially sustainable manner. It is great to see the activity taking place in US Schools and there is already much conversation about bringing it into more UK initiatives too. One way you can get started yourself is to try hydroponics at home and that's why we offer an extensive range of equipment."

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