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Rent-a-Crane, Inc. Rough Terran Crane Rental

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Updated 7:50 AM CDT, Mon, April 16,2018

Rent-A-Crane, Inc. offers all terrain crane rentals in Virginia for commercial and residential construction projects.

Manassas, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/16/2018 -- Rent-A-Crane, Inc. offers all terrain crane rentals throughout Virginia for commercial and residential construction projects. The company offers decades of experience and is well known throughout the state for fast and affordable service. With a higher demand for tough terrain projects, builders are looking for subcontractors who can meet the demand.

"One of the biggest mistakes made is assuming a company can handle a task. Before hiring them, you need to make sure they have the necessary equipment, as well as the experience to take on something. A great example of this is when you need rough terrain crane rental. Just because a company rents this equipment doesn't mean they are able to handle such a challenge. That's why you want to take some time to learn about their experience in all terrain crane rentals, what they've done, what kind of projects they are capable of handling and more. If they can do the job right, fast, safely and for an affordable price, then they are the right team for you." Rent-A-Crane, Inc. Representative

In order to accommodate the needs of contractors throughout VA, the company offers a variety of services including storage, certified rigging, crane repair services and more. These options have been added over the last several years based on the recommendation or needs of the industry. RAC specializes in providing these options as they go hand in hand with their main focus of rough terrain crane rental.

"Who do you call when you need crane repair services? Why wouldn't you call the crew that actually works on this type of equipment every single day, fixing things, making sure they are well maintained and running? That's what we offer along with other services you may not need right now but could down the road. Storage space is a perfect example. As a construction site gets more and more crowded it can be unsafe to store materials and equipment there. If you are working in a remote area and have limited options for storage, we can accommodate you and ensure that you get the assistance you need to get the job done."

Please contact 1-800-255-2741 or email if you have any questions.

About Rent-A-Crane, Inc.
Rent-A-Crane, Inc. brings decades of experience and elite service to the Virginia construction industry. Whether its crane rentals, repairs, rigging or anything else, you can count on us to deliver fast, affordable and safe work, each and every time. If you are interested in learning more or would like a free onsite consultation, give us a call.

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