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Online Agricultural Identification Company Offers Ritchey Tags

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Updated 2:00 AM CDT, Tue, October 04,2016

Sagebrush Tags Stocks Universal and Custom Ritchey Livestock Tags

De Smet, SD -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/04/2016 -- The owners of Sagebrush Tags have been involved in farming and the livestock business their entire lives. Their experience and knowledge has led them to carry only the most durable, suitable, and practical tags on the market – working with great brands that are also experienced in the business. Among their great lineup of animal agriculture tags in stock are tags from Ritchey offered in Ritchey Universal 2 piece Tags, Ritchey Write-On Calf Tags and the Ritchey Hook Doctor.

Ritchey's exclusive dual-colored tags allow customers to permanently engrave their own numbers and letters into the tags using a Dremel tool. Pre-numbered and custom-engraved tags are also available. Universal style tags are designed to work with most two-piece button systems. This means that most buttons and button taggers can be used to install these tags. Y-TEX male buttons are most commonly used with the Ritchey Universal 2 pc tags. Sagebrush Tags offers customers the choice of just the Ritchey Panel tags as a separate item or as a set with the Y-TEX buttons.

Designed with a longer neck to hang lower in the ear (below the hair in most cases), Ritchey Write-On Calf Tags are easier to read as the calf grows, right on through weaning. The Ritchey Write-On Calf Tags have a bit of a "rough out" surface. When writing on these tags with permanent tag marking ink, it typically won't fade as quickly as others do. Dimensions are approximately 4 3/8" H x 2 3/8" W and this is not an engravable tag. Specs for the Ritchey Write-On Calf Tags with Buttons are the same only they come with a Y-TEX button.

"We are glad to offer a quality brand such as Ritchey and look forward to many more years of carrying their products and helping out our customers," shared Laura Tolzin, Owner of Sagebrush Tags.

More resources for animal tags, life chips, and trackers and more are available on Sagebrush Tags' Official Website.

About Sagebrush Tags
Sagebrush Tags offers a variety of animal identification tags for beef or dairy cattle, swine, sheep, goats, elk, deer and many types of livestock and cattle ear tags from industry leaders such as Destron Fearing/Duflex, Y-TEX, Z Tags, Allflex, Temple Tags, Ritchey Tags, and National Band & Tag. Their product line includes electronic/EID tags portable and stationary RFID readers and antennas, for all types of livestock identification systems, visual id ear tags, cattle ear tags, insecticide ear tags, taggers, marking pens and other tagging accessories. They also specialize in Custom Printed Ear Tags.


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