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Neil Helfrich Starts Go Fund Me Campaign to Fight Cattle Rustling with "The Wireless Rumen Bolus"

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Updated 2:24 PM CDT, Wed, June 03,2015

Cattle rustling have always been a major concern for police, ranchers, and activists around the world. Neil Helfrich believes that “The Wireless Rumen Bolus” can be an excellent technology solution to this deadly scourge.

Chandler, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/03/2015 -- In North America, cattle rustlings have often been portrayed in a way that is somewhat similar to that of an Old West film. However, in reality, this is nothing less than a heinous crime that leads to imprisonment and other legal actions. Cattle rustlings frequently lead to famine, homelessness, and death in Africa. A recent incident of cattle raid in Sudan left roughly 34,500 people displaced and 2,000 people dead.

In the past, many tribes considered cattle rustling as a way of replenishing their food supply and initiating their young men into adulthood.

These rustlers used spears and poisoned darts as the weapons of their choice. Modern day cattle rustlings can be much more devastating because today's cattle raiders have access to a heavy firepower.

Neil Helfrich firmly believes that he has come up with a technology solution that will help fight the growing concern of cattle rustlings. His creation 'The Wireless Rumen Bolus' is capable of tracing cattle location, detecting disease, preventing famine, and acting as an aid in the recovery of lost or stolen cattle. This may also help fight cattle rustling and even save lives.

Some of the most important applications include

- By knowing the exact location of the livestock, police forces can make more organized recoveries that would result in fewer deaths.

- Deter rustlers from committing raids if they knew their stolen property was being tracked.

- Temperature detection.

- Early disease detection.

- Livestock Traceability for exporting markets.

The Wireless Rumen Bolus needs to be taken orally, and it remains in the rumen, the largest part of the stomach. Once ingested, it remains in the stomach forever. Therefore, there is no need to replace 'The Wireless Rumen Bolus.'

Neil Helfrich has just started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise adequate funds for this project. His funding requirement is $250,000, and this amount will be spent towards helping pastoral communities attain Wireless Rumen Bolus for the safety of their communities and livelihoods.

To find out more about this campaign, please visit

The official website of the maker of The Wireless Rumen Bolus is

About The Wireless Rumen Bolus
A new high-tech monitoring system, 'The Wireless Rumen Bolus' will allow herds to be closely, carefully tracked on a comprehensive list of metrics. The Wireless Rumen Bolus, by Wandering Shepherd, is administered orally and stays in place in the rumen – the first and largest division of the stomach – throughout the animal's life.

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