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Legend's Creek Farm Announces Their New Packing, Products and Wholesale Options

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Updated 3:53 PM CDT, Tue, April 04,2017

Foster, RI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/04/2017 -- Aden Mott, owner of Legend's Creek Farm, announced that the company's artisan goat milk soap packaging has a new look. The packaging has been redesigned, providing savings for consumers and enabling the farm to offer its unique products at exclusive retail outlets.

"We redesigned our packaging in order to offer customers a highly competitive price," said Mott.

Wholesale options are now available that enables brick and mortar stores to carry the farm's goat milk soap, thereby expanding the luxury brand's reach. Mott is working with a few select major retailers that have expressed an interested in offering the unique brand to their own customers. The new packaging includes a barn cut-out, allowing customers to smell the soap's scent without the need to open the box.

Legend's Creek Farm customers can still order their favorite custom-crafted goat milk soap directly from the farm's website and the newly redesigned packaging process has allowed Mott to offer free shipping on all orders. Individuals can choose from among 10 different soaps, all of which pair the farm's own goat milk with a proprietary blend of natural, botanical ingredients.

Beginning April 15th, 2017, Legend's Creek Farm will also begin offering its new line of goat milk bath bombs and lotions. Both products will embrace the same organic ingredients and feature the characteristic fragrances and attributes that discerning customers crave. The bath bombs will be packaged in quantities of six and the farm will continue to offer its gourmet Raw Rhode Island Honey collected from its own hives.

Legend's Creek Farm is known for its brand of hand-crafted goat milk soap. The boutique soaps combine the farm's goat milk with ingredients that offer everything your skin needs to feel good, and nothing it doesn't. The soaps comes in 10 scents such as black pine tar, eucalyptus, sandalwood, and Dead Sea salt.

The rebranding and new packaging options offered by Legend's Creek Farm are designed for customer convenience and savings. The changes enable Mott to introduce his hand-crafted goat milk soap to a new clientele, launch the new line of lotion and bath bombs, and continue to offer the artisanal soaps to those who value their all-natural benefits.

About Legend's Creek Farm
Founded in 2011, owner Aden Mott and his partner began raising goats, creating custom goat milk soap, and offering Raw Rhode Island Honey from their own hives. The farm was relocated in 2014 to its present venue to accommodate the owners' plans for expansion to include goat's milk cheese and other goat milk-based products.

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