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Leeds Hydrostore Introduce Shogun Fertilizer to Their Collection

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Updated 4:00 AM CDT, Wed, August 24,2016

Leeds, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/24/2016 -- Leeds Hydrostore; a well-known company that sell hydroponic equipment have extended their collection and are set to introduce Shogun Fertiliser. Leeds Hydrostore have received a lot of positive attention after following up with this news.

Shogun Fertiliser is a new upcoming brand and has been doing extremely well in the market, with a range of nutrients and boosters available. One of the products which Shogun offers is the 'Dragon Force', many people love this product as it forces plants to ripen fully, equalling to them growing quicker. Another product which is doing well on the market is 'Silicon', this product ensures that there is less chance of diseases and pests attacking the plants because the product strengthens the cell walls, not only this but Silicon also strengthens the plant itself so that it is able to carry heavy weight, for example more fruit and vegetables.

A spokesperson from Leeds Hydrostore was keen to comment saying, "Here at Leeds Hydrostore we are extremely excited to introduce the new fertiliser, Shogun. We have received huge amounts of support from our customers. With numerous fertilisers out there we wanted to add something special to our collection, and after a lot of research, time and effort, Shogun fertiliser was the best product all round and we believe that this range will sell as fast as it makes plants grow, not only this but with Shogun providing a range of products themselves, it ensures that all types of nutrients and boosters are covered, making us happy and most importantly making our customers happy."

About Leeds Hydrostore
Leeds Hydrostore is Britain's leading online retailer which sells high quality hydroponic equipment. They have been on the market for numerous years and aim to deliver a 5-Star customer service.

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