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Grow & Harvest Explain Different Hydroponic Growing Methods – Allowing All to Select the Most Suitable Solutions

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Updated 4:00 AM CST, Wed, January 18,2017

Wirral, England -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/18/2017 -- In recent years many people have started growing their produce hydroponically, realising the benefits and reaping them completely. However, although it is easy to see the many advantages of hydroponic growing online and in the media, such as reduced grow times, better quality produce and more – when opting to take up the growing method, it has become apparent that many struggle to decide which hydroponic growing method is best for them. In line with this, one leading supplier of hydroponics equipment, Grow & Harvest, have recently explained some of the different style of set-ups to all, including the following:

Wicking systems – these are ideal for small plants which do not require a lot of maintenance. Wicks are used to take nutrient rich solutions to plants roots.

Deep water cultures – this method entails plants roots being suspended above a reservoir consisting of nutrient solution. A pump is used to supply the roots with oxygen.

Ebb and Flow systems – when using this method plants roots are systematically flooded a few times a day with nutrient solution, with gravity then draining the solution and pumps used again to provide roots with oxygen.

Drip systems – these are typically used commercially and for those looking to grow on a larger scale.

A spokesperson from Grow & Harvest was incredibly keen to comment saying, "We like to provide people with as much information as possible regarding hydroponics, with the ultimate aim of urging as many people as possible to take up the growing method. If anyone ever has any questions, or is for any reason unsure which method is best suited to their individual needs and requirements, they can simply give us a call and our knowledgeable and friendly team will be more than happy to advise and guide."

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