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Fracking – Farmer Panel Argue Natural Gas Key Component to Fertilizer Costs

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Updated 4:15 AM CDT, Thu, June 18,2015

Peterborough, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/18/2015 -- Shale gas supporters have established an agricultural panel aimed towards showing Fylde coast farmers how to work successfully with the fracking industry and how natural gas is a key component of fertiliser costs.

The North West Energy Task Force, a pressure group comprising businesses backed by the shale gas industry formed the new group of four Lancashire farmers and also GrowHow, a primary nitrogen fertiliser producer with the aim to advise the task force on how the development of shale gas will impact UK food security and the wider agricultural sector.

With fertiliser costs being a sensitive issue across the farming industry and with the valuable commodity being one of farming's greatest expendable costs, natural gas is said by the group to be one of the biggest components of fertiliser costs. Opponents of fracking argue the risks of pollution of land, water and air, as well as the impact on rural life. However, proponents of fracking, including the aforementioned group, assert the view that, by stabilising the cost of fertiliser, shale would allow UK farmers to boost production, thus reducing food costs for all.

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