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DCP Grows but Still Caters to Agricultural Industry

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Updated 3:53 PM CDT, Fri, July 08,2016

Memphis, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/08/2016 -- Diesel Care and Performance, Inc. (DCP) has seen exponential growth thus far in 2016 due to the redesign of their website, the release of their new product offerings, and even expanding their business with other dealer networks, such as Ever Ready Engines and Alliant Power.

In addition to leading the market for diesel parts and products for the automotive service, repair, and manufacturing industries, DCP is also known for their agricultural product line and their experience serving the construction, industrial, and agricultural markets.

About DCP
In addition to being the leading supplier and distributor of refurbished, remanufactured, and factory-approved diesel engine parts, electronic parts, and performance parts, DCP also serves the industrial and agricultural industries and is experienced in also refurbishing and remanufacturing agricultural parts and products.

Since DCP has spent a great deal of time and effort revamping their website, including the eCommerce portion of their site to offer new products, deals, and other offerings, DCP also has numerous warehouses located throughout the country. Due to their various locations and warehouses, DCP is able to better serve customers by shipping diesel parts and products to all customers throughout the United States and Canada.

Visit this site here to learn more about DCP.

Tractor Injection Pumps, Kits, and More...

DCP also has a line of tractor injector pumps and various kits for some of the most popular agricultural vehicles and machinery, including the John Deere tractor line and even Ford models and Massey tractors.

The design and formula of the tractor injection pump greatly depends on its use and purpose. For example, an irrigation pump differs in design compared to an electric powered pump. Injection pumps are grouped into categories, which include electric powered pumps, fuel powered pumps, and engine powered pumps that use gas, diesel, propane, and so on.

In order to determine the size and flow information of the type of injection pump needed, users must first determine the formula. For more information on this, users can contact the pump manufacturer, DCP.

Although DCP focuses more on rotary style injection pumps, most injection pumps can be resized and re-manufactured to fit most John Deere model tractors, and beat competitors in terms of efficiency and superiority.

Visit here to look at some tractor injection pumps and kits with DCP.

Tactical and Technical Training

DCP also believes in focusing on the training of their staff in order to continue to lead the market in refurbished and remanufactured diesel engine parts and performance parts, including agricultural and industrial parts. Because of the team receives continuous technical training, they are able to better serve their customers by answering questions and providing support for diesel parts and applications.


To learn more information about DCP, or to contact the support team for technical help, or to check out some of the most current specials, offerings, products, and even their line of agricultural products, contact the Diesel care and customer service team here.

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