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Compost Tumblers Inc. Introduces a More Cost Efficient and Easier Way of Making a Compost Pile with Using Composting Tumblers

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Updated 3:55 PM CDT, Mon, September 26,2016

San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/26/2016 -- Compost Tumblers Inc. is introducing a more cost efficient and faster and easier way of making a compost pile with the use of composting tumblers. The use of these composting tumblers are highly recommended for those doing backyard gardening as well as those who are into organic farming and are still using compost pile instead of chemical-based fertilizers.

Since there are more people nowadays who are turning into the use of organic farming or those who are starting to promote a safer way of gardening, the company is introducing the use of composting tumblers instead of the traditional compost pile. Unlike the usual compost in where the lower part is left open and where heat can easily dissipate, these tumblers ensure that the waste are intact inside and heat will not dissipate which will make the composting process faster and easier.

Compost Tumblers Inc. wants to emphasize that it is more cost efficient since these tumblers are made from high quality materials that guarantees a longer term of use. In addition, the company is also promoting the ease of turning the waste pile inside the tumbler as gardeners just have to rotate the tumbler instead of using a pitchfork or any other tool for turning the pile.

This means that gardeners just have to put the yard and kitchen waste and all other composting materials inside the tumbler and leave it there until the turning schedule. They just have to rotate the tumbler and save them time and effort with opening it and doing the turning on their own. Unlike the usual longer period of waiting for the waste pile to turn into compost, the processing period will become shorter with the use of the tumbler.

Through the efforts of the company in introducing the use of composting tumblers, more organic and backyard gardeners will know a new and cost efficient alternative for their compost bin.

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Compost Tumblers Inc. is a company offering high quality composting tumblers that can actually make the process of making compost faster and easier. They aim in providing a safer and more organic alternative for the usual compost bin that gardeners are using.

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