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'Agrihood' Popularity in the US Means Big Things for British Hydroponics: Grow World Comments

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Updated 3:45 AM CDT, Wed, October 21,2015

Northfield, Birmingham -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/21/2015 -- A number of keen suburban plant-growers in the US are making the most of sustainable growing in the form of 'agrihoods'. This is a method of food production which involves a neighbourhood working together to provide farm-to-table living. It prioritises co-operation and dedication to sustainable farming techniques. Although 'agrihoods' are workable in rural or open areas, some of the technologies and methods they use can still be utilised in smaller spaces. One way of doing this is through compact hydroponics systems; allowing people to 'farm' their own crops and plants without soil – and this can be brought indoors too! Sustainable, resource-light ways of growing are evidently popular; with hydroponics using up to 90% less water than soil systems.

The rising interest in different inventive growing methods in the US has seen a trending force in the UK. Due to the wetter and colder climate growing enthusiasts are attracted to the ability to grow what they want all year round with hydroponics. It allows for plants to be grown out of season-including fruit and vegetables, due to its carefully-controlled nature. This means that a number of growing enthusiasts in the UK have still been able to manage some sustainability – farming the food they eat – even if on a smaller scale.

About Grow World Hydroponics
At the forefront of the surge in sustainable growing systems through the hydroponics method is Grow World. They are industry experts and provide a range of equipment which is making waves in the world of growing.

The business also frequently comments on related news and a spokesperson had this to say:

"It is a positive thing to see Agrihoods providing so popular in the US, and these systems allow people living in rural areas to grow quite large quantities. However, for people living in an urban environment or a place with limited space, like in urban environments in the UK, agrihoods are not possible in the same way. Yet this does not mean that people with sustainable growing aspirations should feel like they can't grow their own! Fortunately, hydroponics is diverse enough to cater to a range of needs. People can set up a small in-house system affordably and get growing almost immediately. There is so much potential here in the UK and we care about providing quality goods to allow for this."

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