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600w Pro Gear Ballast Euro Reflector Light Kit Now Available at Tropicanna Horticulture

Tropicanna Horticulture is a leading hydroponics supplier offering not only the highest quality hydroponics products but also the best hydroponics deals – Now including the 600W Pro Gear Ballast Euro Reflector Light Kit, which is available from just £59.99.

Hydrostore: Allowing for New Hydroponics Growers to Receive Huge Discounts

With winter well on its way a rising number of people in the UK are starting to consider hydroponic growing, realising the mass amount of benefits that the growing method offers, especially during the colder months, when otherwise a lot of produce would be impossible to grow.

Tropicanna Horticulture: Now Selling Floranova Nutrients

Tropicanna Horticulture, one of the UK's favourite hydroponics suppliers, has recently extended their range to include leading Floranova nutrients.

Green Spirit Hydroponics: Now Leading Stockists of Rock Resinator

Green Spirit Hydroponics is a hydroponics supplier known throughout the industry for continuously offering the greatest range of high quality hydroponics equipment and growing accessories at the most competitive prices, this is why it has not come as a surprise to many that the company are now stocking Rock Resinator – a revolutionary product focused around increasing quality.

Green Spirit Hydroponics: Proud Stockists of Gold Label Substrates

Green Spirit Hydroponics, one of the UK favourite suppliers of hydroponics tents and equipment, are now official stockists of Gold Label substrates and nutrients – offering a mammoth selection of Gold Label products with prices starting from as little as £9.50.

Tropicanna Horticulture Now Stocking Disease and Pest Control Solutions for Hydroponic Growing

Tropicanna Horticulture, one of the UK's most renowned hydroponic suppliers, is now stocking a wide range of disease and pest control products, all specially designed for hydroponics growing. Hydroponics growers both new and old are urged to check out the company's collection, with Tropicanna Horticulture now offering the highest quality hydroponics plant protection at the lowest available prices.

Green Spirit Hydroponics Now Stocking Dry Ice

Green Spirit Hydroponics, one of the UK's leading online hydroponics retailers, is now selling dry ice pellets – enabling all of their customers to cool down their grows and control temperatures within their tents.

Hydrostore Now Offering Up to 15% off Selected Grow Tents

Hydrostore, one of the UK's most popular and renowned online hydroponic suppliers, are now offering a huge 15% off some of their grow tents – Allowing for their custoemrs to get better hydroponics deals than ever before.

Tour Hydrostore's Leeds Store Online Today

Hydrostore is one of the UK's most leading and dominating online providers of hydroponics equipment – Offering everything that is needed to grow hydroponically in the greatest and most advantageous ways possible. However, what many people fail to realise is that it does not stop there – The company also have a number of physical stores in which their customers can visit when wanting to see their hydroponics products in person before placing orders.

Hydrostore: Suppliers of All Leading Hydroponic Growing Nutrients

Hydrostore, the UK's leading supplier of hydroponics equipment are one of the only hydroponics supplier to offer all of the world's leading hydroponic nutrients – Providing their clients with the best nutrients to grow plants hydroponically and allowing for their clients to grow beyond their imaginations.

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