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Kiteley's Farm Market Offers Locally Grown Asparagus, Strawberries and Red Raspberries

Kiteley's Farm Market offers locally grown asparagus, strawberries, red raspberries, and so much more. Since many people love locally grown fresh foods without GMOs, they also offer local maple syrup, local honey, flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruits. Locally grown northern Michigan asparagus is available mid-May for all to enjoy. Asparagus grown in Charlevoix, Michigan begins the farm season with a celebration of spring.

Grow and Harvest Now Offering 20% off All Humboldt Nutrients

Grow and Harvest, one of the UK's leading suppliers of hydroponics equipment is renowned throughout the hydroponics industry for constantly striving to offer the best quality hydroponics products on the market at the most competitive prices – continuously making efforts to ensure that people across the UK are able to grow hydroponically affordably. Most recently the company have introduced a new discount which enables all to receive a 10% discount on all Humboldt Nutrients.

Fruit and Vegetables Are Set to Increase by 8% After Brexit: Green Spirit Hydroponics Comments

The Guardian, the world's leading liberal voice has released an article about the rise in price for imported fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables which have been imported will rise by 8% after Brexit. A City analyst has calculated that whatever trade deal the EU and the UK make, fruit, vegetables, olive oil and flowers will be more expensive. This will make it harder for the UK to get food which we cannot produce ourselves, making it harder for the UK – especially when the latest figures show that last year 71% of the food imported came from EU nations, where the total food and agriculture products imported was worth a massive £47.5 billion.

BPW Fights Cancer with Hydroponics: Tropicanna Horticulture Comments

This Day Live, an online version of the Nigerian newspaper has released a blog about the Business Professional Women (BPW) fighting cancer using hydroponics. Hydroponic enables people to grow and create new kinds of leafs which may not grow with soil in Nigeria.

EMM Sales Exhibiting at the Virginia Beef Expo Trade Show

LogoEMM Sales & Service (, a leading trailer dealer in the Eastern US, will have an exhibit at the Virginia Beef Expo to showcase their cattle handling equipment from Wilson Trailers. The Virginia Beef Expo promotes the cattle and agriculture industry and will be taking place at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds in Harrisonburg, VA from April 12 to April 15, 2017.

Legend's Creek Farm Announces Their New Packing, Products and Wholesale Options

Aden Mott, owner of Legend's Creek Farm, announced that the company's artisan goat milk soap packaging has a new look. The packaging has been redesigned, providing savings for consumers and enabling the farm to offer its unique products at exclusive retail outlets.

Saving Money on Big Hydroponic Nutrient Brands: Grow & Harvest Comments

Over recent years there has been a huge focus on hydroponic growing, with a rapidly rising number of people making the transition from traditional to gardening methods, realising the phenomenal benefits and taking advantage of them completely. Grow & Harvest is a leading hydroponics equipment supplier at the absolute forefront of the hydroponics industry. They're a company in which constantly strive to ensure that they are offering the most affordable yet quality hydroponic growing solutions to all, enabling for all to participate in hydroponic growing method. The company's latest great deal in which many have already used is the offering of 10% off all of the hydroponic nutrients that they offer.

75% of People in the UK Fail to Hit Their Five Portions of Fruit and Vegetables a Day: Tropicanna Horticulture Comments

The Mirror, a British national daily tabloid newspaper, have recently released an article which states that nearly half of the population have zero fruit and vegetables a day, with seventy-five percent of people still failing to hit their five portions a day. However, this isn't the most shocking news, the study also found that nine percent of people think that tuna is a part of their five a day, and a following three percent thought that turkey was.

Barrie House Keeps Eye on Coffee's Future

LogoBarrie House continues its commitment to sustainable coffee by supporting coffee farming in its natural environment such as the cooperative Guaya'b grows in Guatemala.

Keeping Fruit and Vegetables Fresh: Tropicanna Horticulture Comments

BT have recently released some tips on how to keep fruit and vegetables fresher for longer, these tips are meant to help people preserve their fruit and vegetables longer, which is incredibly useful considering it has now been said that people are supposed to be eating ten portions instead of five.

Crowdfunding the Farm of the Future: GrowingSmart.HK Is Bringing Back Food Production in Hong Kong

GrowingSmart.HK announced today that they are now at 37% of their funding goal with still about three weeks to go before their campaign ends. They launched their campaign using rewards-based crowdfunding platform SparkRaise to create an organic farming movement in Hong Kong. The company has set out to raise HKD 20000 to boost the creation of a farm in Peng Chau Island. The funds raised will help in acquiring professional farming equipment including solar-pump irrigation systems and further investments in farm infrastructure.

The Guardian Release Tips on How to Eat More Fruit and Vegetables: Green Spirit Hydroponics Comments

The Guardian have recently released tips on how to eat more fruit and vegetables a day. Everyone has been told that they should be eating five fruit and vegetables a day, in order to be fit and healthy and make sure they consume all the right nutrients. However, this has recently changed to having ten fruit and vegetables a day. Many people are becoming concerned about how they will be able to consume all this in just one day; however these tips provided by The Guardian should help them:

Tropicanna Horticulture Now Offering Ecothrive Products

The fastest growing online retailer of hydroponics equipment and supplies, Tropicanna Horticulture, are well known throughout the hydroponics industry for their great efforts in constantly striving to offer the utmost superior range of products – and in line with this, the company have, to their customers and clients delight once again introduced a selection of new products and items, including a number of Ecothrive hydroponic supplies.

UK Hydroponics Supplier Now Offering America's #1 Flower Enhancer

Grow World, one of the UK's leading hydroponics suppliers is well known throughout the hydroponics industry for their great efforts in constantly striving to offer the most superior quality hydroponic product ranges at the most competitive prices. This is why it has not come as a surprise that they are now stocking America's #1 flower enhancer – Rock Resinator Heavy Yields from Rock Nutrients.

Newsround Reveals Trick to Make Children Like Veggies: Hydroponica Comments

Newsround has recently published an article revealing the findings of an experiment that has been completed with a group of UK school children, looking into how we can get children to like vegetables more. The study was designed to see if training ourselves to like foods that we didn't previously is possible – and it seems like it is.

TreeHugger Explores How to Teach Children to Like Veggies: Grow World Comments

TreeHugger, the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream has recent published an article exploring ways in which parents can teach their children to like vegetables. In many cases it has previously been known for parents to resort to extravagant negotiation to get their kids to eat nutritionally, however this article suggests that there are far simpler methods available.

Grow & Harvest Have Recently Announced Their Free Local Delivery Service

Grow & Harvest have recently announced their new local delivery service which covers Wirral, Liverpool and Ellesmere Port. The free local delivery service only applies to people who have spent over £99 on an order and live within 15 miles. The delivery van is unmarked and is perfect for bulky and heavy items, making it ideal for the majority of hydroponics equipment.

People Now Growing Own Herbs with Help from Goldfish: Grow & Harvest Comments

With masses of people all over the world worried about the potential health effects of man-made chemicals which are typically sprayed on traditionally grown crops – many people are in search of alternative ways to grow their plants and produce, with one of the utmost leading options appearing to be that of hydroponics growing. However, Dutch inventors have recently created an 'EcoFarm' that doubles up as a fish tank – specially designed to grow herbs and cherry tomatoes using fish waste that works greatly as a natural fertiliser.

BBC Explores Coping Methods for the UK's Vegetable Shortage: Green Spirit Hydroponics Comments

Bad weather in Europe has resulted in a vegetable shortage, with people across the UK now finding it much more difficult to get their hands on food items such as iceberg lettuces, courgettes, broccoli, tomatoes, salad peppers, aubergines and more. This shortage is anticipated to continue until at least April, and in line with this the BBC has recently revealed some alternatives for shoppers and consumers, these included but are by no means limited to the following:

A New Way for People to Grow Their Own Herbs: Green Spirit Hydroponics Comments

With many people across the world holding worries regarding the potential effects of man-made chemicals being used on crops, over the past few years companies and individuals have been exploring other methods of growing – with the latest requiring a little help form goldfish.

Food Network's Healthy Eats Discusses Hydroponic Vegetables: Bradford Hydroponics Comments

Food Network's Healthy Eats recently published an article, discussing hydroponic vegetables and all their wonderfulness. When thinking about growing produce, many people are under the impression that soil is a vital component needed for growth, however this is not the case – in the published article hydroponic growing was explored – a growing method in which eliminates the need for soil, while growing vegetables better than ever before. With hydroponics on the rise, growing by roughly 4.5% annually, and showing no signs of slowing down, the article discussed the benefits of hydroponically grown vegetables to all.

Happy Roots Makes Watering Plants Easier Using Rainwater

LogoHappy Roots, the revolutionary new irrigation system that uses rainwater to water plants, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Phenomenal Rooftop Farm in Israel Now Growing Thousands of Vegetables: Grow World Comments

The rooftop of one of Israel's oldest malls is now home to "Green in the City", a rooftop farm scheme in which it produces 10,000 heads of leafy vegetables each month, all year round, using hydroponic growing methods. This is a thriving example of urban agriculture, and just one of the many examples of communities coming together to produce and source locals with the freshest, most nutritional produce.

Refugees Grow Food Hydroponically to Bring People Together: Green Spirit Hydroponics Comments

It has recently been reported in Green Prophet that refugees have begun to plant roots in the world's first hydroponic community garden. This project was formed to bring people together, especially the migrants and refugees, not only this but as the building has a variety of cultures living there, the community garden has been said to help people interact with each other whilst they share food which reminds them of home.

Wide Range of Thermal Foggers Available from Leader in Outdoor Fogging Technology

A global manufacturer and supplier of technologically advanced outdoor fogging equipment, Longray Technology, proudly offers an exceptional range of portable thermal foggers for use in any outside disinfecting or eradication need.