Latest News Offers Innovative LazyMan Soil Doctor Aeration offers their flagship product, LazyMan Soil Doctor, to give home and property owners an effective, yet simple way to aerate their lawns. LazyMan Soil Doctor is designed as an easy-to-use, spray-on liquid that improves and promotes the growth of grass, gardens, flowers, and herbs. The LazyMan Soil Doctor combines lawn aeration, dethatching, conditioning, and fertilization into one bottle, minimizing the work required to grow beautiful and healthy grass. The LazyMan Soil Doctor is an innovative product in yard renovation that can transform any area from patchy, dead grass to a full, thick lawn.

Gotham Analytics Delivers Remote Monitoring Systems to Help Farmers Maximize Their Capabilities

LogoGotham Analytics provides complex remote monitoring systems to companies in a wide range of industries. The organization's latest project is to bring the Internet of Things (IoT) to farmers across the country and around the world. The goal of this technology is to help farmers better understand their soil conditions so they can make informed decisions about planting and harvesting.

Former NFL Players and a Fine Man Growing Hemp in George Washington's Garden Among the Stellar Speakers for the First-Ever Southern Hemp Expo in Nashville

LogoFormer Miami Dolphins left tackle, Jake Long and Super Bowl champion Matt Wilhelm, will be among the hemp pioneers, experts, entrepreneurs and advocates who will gather for the inaugural Southern Hemp Expo (SHE) as Colorado Hemp Company brings its wildly popular NoCo Hemp Expo, the world's largest industrial hemp exposition held each spring in Colorado, to the Fairgrounds Nashville in Tennessee on September 28 and 29.

Celina Tent, Inc. Acquires St. Marys, Ohio Assembly Space to Support Production

LogoLarge scale production is a major focus of Celina Tent, Inc., including the ability to take on high volume orders and meet contract obligations in a timely manner. Shelter manufacturing requires significant production square footage, both to accommodate the machinery and production associates to produce the items and for extra staging and storage areas for the product once it's been finished before it's been inspected and packaged. To facilitate this amount of manufacturing, Celina Tent, Inc. has acquired new production space in St. Marys, Ohio.

Green Spirit Hydroponics: Now Leading Stockists of Rock Resinator

Green Spirit Hydroponics is a hydroponics supplier known throughout the industry for continuously offering the greatest range of high quality hydroponics equipment and growing accessories at the most competitive prices, this is why it has not come as a surprise to many that the company are now stocking Rock Resinator – a revolutionary product focused around increasing quality.

Green Spirit Hydroponics: Proud Stockists of Gold Label Substrates

Green Spirit Hydroponics, one of the UK favourite suppliers of hydroponics tents and equipment, are now official stockists of Gold Label substrates and nutrients – offering a mammoth selection of Gold Label products with prices starting from as little as £9.50.

Homegrown Planters Let Residents Rep Their Roots While Housing Beautiful Plants

LogoHomegrown Planters are live on These planters are shaped like popular cities, states, and the United States, handcrafted from concrete. Whether housing succulents or stuff, these are the perfect way to show off hometown pride in any residential or business space.

Celina Based Business to Join St. Marys Square Business Complex

LogoCelina Tent, Inc. is growing its operations to St. Marys, Ohio. The new expansion of production space will create jobs as additional employees are required for assembling the product lines that will be moved into the space. The newly occupied space is located in the building that was previously Kmart along US-33 in St. Marys, Ohio. "We are very excited about this new expansion," said Celina Tent, Inc. Vice President, Janice Grieshop. "Opening a work space in St. Marys will let us hire from a wider locality, spreading the availability of jobs further than we could before with just our main plant in Celina, Ohio."

All the Above Tree Service Providing Stump Grinding Services

As the premier source for tree care services in Morrisville, PA and other nearby areas, All The Above Tree Services is currently providing stump grinding services for their local communities throughout the end of the summer as well as the upcoming fall.

Inaugural Southern Hemp Expo, Sept. 28-29, 2018, in Nashville, TN, Announces Presenting Sponsor Bluhen Botanicals

LogoThe Southern United States is rapidly emerging as an epicenter of industrial hemp production, and the producers of NoCo Hemp Expo – the world's largest hemp exposition held each Spring in Colorado – are celebrating this fact by launching the first annual Southern Hemp Expo this fall in Nashville, TN, to serve the burgeoning Southern region and to promote innovation in the market for all things hemp.

Tropicanna Horticulture Now Stocking Disease and Pest Control Solutions for Hydroponic Growing

Tropicanna Horticulture, one of the UK's most renowned hydroponic suppliers, is now stocking a wide range of disease and pest control products, all specially designed for hydroponics growing. Hydroponics growers both new and old are urged to check out the company's collection, with Tropicanna Horticulture now offering the highest quality hydroponics plant protection at the lowest available prices.

Green Spirit Hydroponics Now Stocking Dry Ice

Green Spirit Hydroponics, one of the UK's leading online hydroponics retailers, is now selling dry ice pellets – enabling all of their customers to cool down their grows and control temperatures within their tents.

Hydrostore Now Offering Up to 15% off Selected Grow Tents

Hydrostore, one of the UK's most popular and renowned online hydroponic suppliers, are now offering a huge 15% off some of their grow tents – Allowing for their custoemrs to get better hydroponics deals than ever before.

Tour Hydrostore's Leeds Store Online Today

Hydrostore is one of the UK's most leading and dominating online providers of hydroponics equipment – Offering everything that is needed to grow hydroponically in the greatest and most advantageous ways possible. However, what many people fail to realise is that it does not stop there – The company also have a number of physical stores in which their customers can visit when wanting to see their hydroponics products in person before placing orders.

Hydrostore: Suppliers of All Leading Hydroponic Growing Nutrients

Hydrostore, the UK's leading supplier of hydroponics equipment are one of the only hydroponics supplier to offer all of the world's leading hydroponic nutrients – Providing their clients with the best nutrients to grow plants hydroponically and allowing for their clients to grow beyond their imaginations.

Hydrostore: Grow Tent Kits from Just £59.95

Hydrostore, one of the UK's most leading providers of hydroponics equipment, is now selling a broad range of hydroponics grow tent kits – enabling for people that are looking to start growing hydroponically to purchase everything that they need to do so with just a few clicks of a button.

Tropicanna Horticulture: Catering for All Hydroponic Growing Media Needs

Tropicanna Horticulture is a leading supplier of hydroponics equipment in the UK supplying hydroponics with grow tents and kits on a daily basis! However, what many people do not know is that Tropicanna Horticulture do not only sell complete tents and kits – They also sell accessories to ensure that growers are able to obtain everything that they need to grow in one place – including growing media.

Niolabs' Autonomous Vineyard to Be Featured at Google Cloud's Next 2018 Conference

LogoNiolabs, a pioneer of distributed computing software to serve the explosive Internet of Things (IoT) market, announced that co-founder and CEO Doug Standley has been invited to present on stage at Google Cloud's Next 2018 conference in San Francisco, CA. The presentation, titled "Finding the ROI in IoT," will explore a methodology to define ROI for IoT opportunities while showcasing a specific example of niolabs' work in precision agriculture.

Forest Cove Farm Announces Virgin Garlic: The Healthiest, Tastiest Garlic Ever

LogoGarlic is one of the most popular seasonings in foods all over the world. Unfortunately, most of the garlic that is sold in American and Canadian markets is imported and of poor quality because that garlic is often grown in fields where raw human waste is used to fertilize the soil. In addition to that, the farmers spray the garlic plants with harmful chemicals, pesticides and preservatives to increase production and shelf-life. All of those unwanted contaminants then make it into the food when the garlic is used for cooking.

Green Spirit Hydroponics Now Stocking New Ultrasonic Humidifier

Green Spirit Hydroponics are renowned throughout the hydroponics industry for constantly striving to provide for all possible hydroponics needs and requirements, always offering a vast range of hydroponics products to ensure that their customers are able to grow as magnificently as possible! This is why to many it did not come as a complete surprise when the company introduced the new ultrasonic humidifier to their collections – A humidifier that is able to provide 28 hours of constant vapour.

Bonsai Growers Can Shop for All Their Needs at

LogoCatherine is excited to announce the launch of Experienced bonsai growers and novices alike can benefit from the products offered on the website, whether they are nurturing their very first bonsai or their fifth. Growers visiting the website will find a huge array of trained bonsai trees to choose from, including juniper bonsai, outdoor deciduous bonsai, outdoor evergreen bonsai, as well as pre-bonsai trees with minimal training. Customers looking for the pleasing aesthetic of a bonsai tree without the commitment can find beautiful artificial bonsai trees to choose from. To help growers to tend to their bonsai, also offers a variety of bonsai tree tools and accessories, like training wire, branch clippers and sheers, as well as growing necessities like bonsai soils and quality pots.

All the Above Tree Service Gives Tips on Keeping Trees Strong During Storms

This month, All The Above Tree Service's latest video gives viewers tips and advice on how to keep their trees safe from summer storms.

Hydrostore: A Hydroponics Provider Offering Discreet Packaging

Hydrostore, one of the UK's most leading providers of hydroponics equipment, has recently changed how they package their products – now choosing to offer discreet packaging as a standard part of their service. The company has chosen to provide discreet packaging to all of their customers after determining that this was the preferred choice. Almost everyone ordering hydroponics equipment online requests discreet packaging so this makes sense.

Green Spirit Hydroponics: Leading Supplier of Gavita Professional Hydroponic Lighting

Green Spirit Hydroponics is a leading supplier of hydroponics equipment that constantly impresses their customers by ensuring that they are constantly offering the vastest and most high quality ranges of hydroponics equipment. Not only does the company offer the most competitively priced grow kits but also individual hydroponic products priced at amazing low prices – including a phenomenal range of Gavita hydroponic lighting.

Hydrostore Now Offering Full Hydroponic Lighting Kits from Only 49.95

With more and more people choosing to take up hydroponics growing methods all over the world than ever before, one leading UK hydroponics supplier, Hydrostore, has now made it possible for their customers to purcahse hydroponic lighting kits at the most affordable and compeititce prives ever.