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Largest U.S. Jinma Tractor Dealer Announces Relaunch of eCommerce Parts Store

LogoKeno Tractors, the United States' largest Jinma tractor dealership, has revamped its online tractor parts store, and is now serving customers throughout the United States. The improved Keno Tractors eCommerce site makes purchasing tractor parts online easier and more intuitive than ever. With improvements to product photos, product descriptions, and the check-out process, customers can now buy tractor parts online from the Keno Tractors Store Front with more ease than any other online tractor part store.

Canada Is Most Trusted Supplier of Farmed Fish, but Most People Ignore Labelling

Canada is the most trusted supplier of farmed fish, according to new research from New Zealand based rain gear manufacturer, Stormline.

Earth Day Texas Champions Hydroponics

Earth Day is a global event which seeks to celebrate ethical and green lifestyles including actions such as recycling, planting and so on. Texas recently held their own Earth Day where hydroponics were championed as the future of farming and food production – a trend which is also expanding in the UK. As urban food production becomes increasingly popular thanks to the rapid rise in population growth, many innovative thinkers are getting together to devise new and brilliant ways of serving the needs of humans in the most effective ways.

Harrisonville Family Center Farm & Home Announces Launching Its New and Innovative Company Website

Harrisonville Family Center Farm & Home, an innovative and forward looking Kansas City farm supply and power equipment store announces its new and innovative company website launch. The company has been serving the region since the mid-1960s and has earned a reputation for reliable and dependable customer service and quality products. The company's newest website is intended to help customers find what they are looking for online in an easy, convenient and organized way. This ultimately will save customers time, trouble and money in finding everything from Kansas City horse & tack related equipment to Kansas City saddles and other similar equestrian related products. With a clean design and easy to use navigation, the new website is designed in a simple and modern way.

TriState Forestry Equipment Running a Special on 2013 International WorkStar

The International WorkStar is a line of heavy-duty trucks produced by International Truck. With MaxxForce Engine options, forestry companies will never have to worry about the challenges facing them throughout their day – this series of trucks is guaranteed to get the job done. TriState Forestry Equipment, a leading provider of logging trucks, chippers and bucket trucks for sale online, makes it a priority to offer the highest quality of used equipment for their customers' needs. It's for that reason they are running a special on their available 2013 International WorkStar.

Hilltop Moringa Farms Launches IndieGoGo Campaign to Raise Funds

LogoHilltop Moringa Farms is a demonstration farm that is building a collection of farms located in the Philippines whose objective is to mitigate climate change by encouraging reforestation.  The idea was first promoted by Joseph Reynolds, who spent some of his childhood in the rainforests of the Panama Canal Zone.  This inspired him with a love of forests and a horror of the deforestation taking place in the Philippines.  "Reforestation is a social question," Reynolds notes, "and by shifting the paradigm for Philippines farmers to place a money-making methodology in front of them, they can be encouraged to achieve beneficial biological and ecological effects and to mitigate climate change."

PermaMatrix Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Help Grow Extraordinary Plants from Ordinary Dirt

LogoThe core concept of this project has been borrowed by PermaMatrix® from Mother Nature. Throughout the history of human civilization, it has been observed that human intervention has little role to play in the flourishing state of forests and meadows. PermaMatrix believes that nature has the best solutions, and they have borrowed some of these ideas to bring soil back to its natural state.

Farmers Turn to Dry Farming in Face of California Drought

LogoEverywhere you look in the news these days, there's a story about the serious drought in California. From almonds to apricots, cows to chickens, harvest and livestock production; many agricultural niches are suffering as a result of the drought. Not only does this mean prices are going up because of agricultural goods' increasing demand growth, farmers must also look to alternative methods of crop production. Dry farming—where crops are farmed without irrigation—is becoming a must for many farmers because of the drought and ecological concerns elsewhere.

Excelite Invested $1,000,000 on New Factory to Manufacture Swimming Pool Enclosures

LogoAfter over two years of market research and analysis, Excelite Plastics Ltd. is pleased to announce that they'll be venturing on the swimming pool enclosure market. This is after they had installed the first 7,873 polycarbonate swimming pool enclosures in both China and Europe.

Recycled Rubber Products, LLC Offers Rubber Mulch That Is Non-Toxic and Non-Flammable

LogoOne of the advantages of rubber mulch as opposed to wood mulch is that the recycled rubber components are non-flammable, as well as non-toxic. Whether the rubber mulch is used for landscaping, playgrounds or military obstacle courses, customers can be at ease in knowing that the material is not going to catch easily on fire or be a major factor in causing illness. The rubber mulch company, Recycled Rubber Products, LLC, is pleased to announce that the rubber mulch they offer is a safe substance according to valid testing results. Customers who are concerned about the possible harmful effects that rubber mulch can cause can be assured that the surface is not a hazardous material.

Carbon Cycle Crush Offers All Natural Canola Oil Lubricant to Customers

Customers can get the all-natural expeller-pressed Canola Oil lubricant from Carbon Cycle Crush at an affordable price. Headquartered in Spokane, Washington, the company is a trusted supplier of Canola oil. They produce non-food grade Canola oil that the customers can purchase from the company's crush facility located in Oroville.

Ranchers and Farmers Can Purchase High Quality Virgin Expeller-Pressed Canola Meal from Carbon Cycle Crush

With groundbreaking advancement in plant breeding, canola meals, a high-protein source for cattle and other farm animals has been made available to ranchers and farmers. Those looking for healthy feed for their cattle can purchase of high-quality expeller-pressed Canola meal being offered by Carbon Cycle Crush. This virgin meal for livestock is non-toxic and palatable with great amino acid profile and low levels of gluconsinate. Based in Oroville, Wash, the company produces Canola meal in their crush facility which can be used as a healthy alternative to soy meal. Being expeller-pressed, these meals are hexane-free. No usage of chemicals makes these meals 100% natural which is ideal for cows, chickens, sheep, horses and various livestock.

Fracking – Farmer Panel Argue Natural Gas Key Component to Fertilizer Costs

Shale gas supporters have established an agricultural panel aimed towards showing Fylde coast farmers how to work successfully with the fracking industry and how natural gas is a key component of fertiliser costs.

Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Protects Gardens and Yards from Pest Animals

LogoIf there's one topic that's gets gardeners and home owners going it's the uninvited pest animals or wildlife that invade their garden or property. Predator Guard, a specialist animal repellent device manufacturer, has just released the PestAway ultrasonic animal repeller that deters raccoons from rummaging through garbage, dogs and cats from abusing yards and deer from ravaging grounds and gardens. PestAway can protect yards, gardens, porches and property from cats, dogs, deer, raccoons, squirrel, rabbits and skunks.

Little Garden Company Offers Yeoman Garden Tools at a Competitive Price

LogoTo meet tool requirements of regular gardeners, Little Garden Company is offering Yeoman garden tools at a competitive price. The company stocks a fantastic range of gardening products that will cater to the requirements of regular gardeners. The new range of gardening tools being offered are easy to use and simplify the daily task of gardening greatly.

TriState Forestry Equipment Offers Customizations for All Equipment Purchases

Corporate branding is important to a company's identity. It is no longer enough to merely have the equipment; companies need customers to easily associate their identity branding with the solution to the issues they are facing. To help forestry companies create and maintain their images, TriState Forestry Equipment provides forestry trucks and supplies that will enhance their customers' fleets of top-of-the-line vehicles and equipment. After fulfilling their equipment needs with TriState Forestry Equipment, forestry companies can rest assured that when a client calls, they have the means to answer. TriState Forestry Equipment does not stop there either, in addition to providing all of the equipment that a customer could need, the company offers customizations for all newly purchased equipment.

Neil Helfrich Starts Go Fund Me Campaign to Fight Cattle Rustling with "The Wireless Rumen Bolus"

LogoIn North America, cattle rustlings have often been portrayed in a way that is somewhat similar to that of an Old West film. However, in reality, this is nothing less than a heinous crime that leads to imprisonment and other legal actions. Cattle rustlings frequently lead to famine, homelessness, and death in Africa. A recent incident of cattle raid in Sudan left roughly 34,500 people displaced and 2,000 people dead.

Greenwood Nursery Adds New Dwarf Butterfly Bush to Online Plant Catalog

This spring Greenwood Nursery has added the Blue Chip, Pink Micro Chip and Lilac Chip Butterfly Bush from the Lo & Behold Series of Dwarf Buddleias.

Carbon Cycle Crush Now Offers Expeller-Pressed Canola Meal at Competitive Rates

Farmers and ranchers need the most nutritious quality meals to feed to their cattle. So, in order to help their customers, Carbon Cycle Crush now offers virgin Canola meal or Expeller-pressed Canola Meal at competitive rates. The company uses nonchemical techniques to produce a mechanically crushed, hexane-free, omega-3 enriched, high-fat content Canola meal. Customers who are looking for all-natural meal for their livestock can count on the products supplied by the company. With a view to provide environmentally-friendly products, the company avoids using hexane in the oil-extraction process that results in a minimal expeller-pressed Canola meal.

UK Aquaculture Company to Launch Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on Seedrs

Today the Britain's first business to produce and market sustainable sturgeon caviar, The Standard Caviar Company Ltd, is announcing its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. The equity raised through the campaign will be used to acquire equipment and biological assets.

Shia Reveals Love of Nature, Involving the Use of Hydroponics, One Stop Grow Shop Comments

Leading UK hydroponics suppliers, One Stop Grow Shop, have recently commented on the revelation that famous actor Shia LaBeouf actively uses hydroponics, along with a range of other gardening methods as one of his key interests and hobbies.

Tristate Forestry Equipment Announces New Inventory for Sale

TriState Forestry Equipment, a leading provider of used forestry equipment and supplies, strives to provide exceptional customer service and complete customer satisfaction. The company frequently adds to their already expansive inventory of forestry equipment, ranging from brush chippers to skid loaders, and all of their used trucks are thoroughly inspected and serviced to meet and exceed customer expectations. In addition to reconditioning all of their forestry equipment, the company will ship to anywhere in the country for free. Following their call for trade-ins to supplement their inventory in March, Tristate Forestry Equipment now announces new inventory, including stump grinders and log trucks, for sale.

Mobile Organic Farm Can Provide Healthy Food in Any Climate or Locale

Dr. Frans Swanepoel has created a unique way to provide healthy, organic food to people who need it, regardless of where they live.

The Elections and Water Storage for Farming

With the main parties unveiling their manifestos, famers will be keeping a keen eye on those which address issues highlighted by the National Farmers Union in the run up to the big day. The NFU has featured key aspects of water quality that should be addressed by any political party hoping to gain farming votes this May.

DWC Successfully Completes Transportation of Pregnant Cows from Liege to Sialkot

Delta World Charter successfully completed the transportation of pregnant cows from Liège, Belgium to Sialkot, Pakistan on 5 March 2015. The project was awarded to DWC on 3rd of March 2015.