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Bigger and Slimmer Slugs Than Even Before: Bradford Hydroponics Comments

For gardeners throughout Britain, pests have always been a nuisance, with slugs often being at the top of a gardeners hates and now it seems that these people are only going to be further irritated as Britain is facing an invasion of slugs bigger and slimier than they've seen in their gardens before – the ravenous Spanish Slug.

Shooting Powder Now in Stock at Bradford Hydroponics

Dominating supplier of hydroponics equipment, Bradford Hydroponics now has Shooting Powder in stock once again – enabling all of their customers to provide their grows with everything needed to succeed. Offering five powder packs for just £45, hydroponic growers are going to struggle to get their hands on this powder for a cheaper price therefore it is anticipated that Bradford Hydroponics is going to quickly become a leading stockist.

Eight Vegetables Gardeners Are Able to Keep in the Ground over Winter: Tropicanna Horticulture Comments

There has recently been a new blog posted on the internet which stated that gardeners are able to keep some vegetables in the ground over winter to ensure an early harvest in 2017. The blog listed eight vegetables you're able to keep in the ground and explained why. Some of these vegetables included: onions, spinach, peas and garlic.

Haskins Announces Autumn Gardening Tips: Hydroponica Comments

Transitioning from summer to autumn can often be difficult for gardeners however to make it a little bit easier for all Haskins has recently announced what they consider to be the top autumn gardening tips – these are as follows:

Today Reveals the Best Indoor House Plants: Leeds Hydro Store Comments

Growing indoor plants can be just as fun and exciting as having outdoor plants – and this is something that many people are quickly picking up, with more and more people opting to have plants within their homes. However, for those only just deciding that they would like an indoor plant, it can be hard for them to decide what plant to go for – with so many different choices, which are the easiest to maintain? Today has recently revealed a list of plants that work great indoors, these include:

Grow & Harvest Now Offering Advanced Nutrients

Grow & Harvest, a highly reputable company within the hydroponics industry has now further extended their collections, with the addition of Advanced Nutrients products. Advanced Nutrients are the first available nutrients which have been specifically designed for hydroponic growing and have therefore been made with the intentions to enable high yields and fast growths. It is anticipated that soon, almost all hydroponic growers will be utilising these award winning nutrients.

New Cloud Commodity Management Platform from the Seam Proves Successful for Harvest Operations at Premium Peanut

LogoOffering real-time data with deep agricultural, regulatory and industry integrations for growers, buying points, and peanut shelling organizations, a new agri-software solution hits the ground running. Currently used by Premium Peanut who operates a state-of-the-art shelling facility located in a major peanut growing region in South Georgia, the newest solution from The Seam proves indispensable for streamlining harvest operations. Premium Peanut, the nation's largest and newest single shelling facility, recently gave their recommendation for the secure software solution; it lauded the agri-business platform for providing a modern solution with tight integrations with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Federal State Inspection Services, organizational, and industry affiliates.

DigiPath Labs Delivers First Cannabis Strain Genotyping Results

LogoDigiPath Labs, a subsidiary of DigiPath, Inc. (OTCQB:DIGP), an independent cannabis testing lab and media firm, is pleased to announce that it has delivered its first cannabis Medicinal Genomics' StrainSeekTM genotyping results to two of its clients, Green Life Productions (GLP) of Nye County, NV and Polaris MMJ of Clark County, NV.

Legal Marijuana Producer Meadowlark Farms in Southern Oregon to Start Distribution by November

Meadowlark Farms, a recreational marijuana grower in southern Oregon, has announced they are starting their distribution service in November 2016. The company plans to become a force in Oregon's budding marijuana market, providing a quality product using natural methods and materials. They will not be using any enhanced chemical products to grow their marijuana, and instead, use all-natural methods that will be superior to many other producers around the country.

Online Agricultural Identification Company Offers Ritchey Tags

LogoThe owners of Sagebrush Tags have been involved in farming and the livestock business their entire lives. Their experience and knowledge has led them to carry only the most durable, suitable, and practical tags on the market – working with great brands that are also experienced in the business. Among their great lineup of animal agriculture tags in stock are tags from Ritchey offered in Ritchey Universal 2 piece Tags, Ritchey Write-On Calf Tags and the Ritchey Hook Doctor.

Automatic Milking Market Set to Exceed $6 Billion in 2021

LogoThe market for automatic milking and dairy farm automation systems is set to reach $6.02 billion in 2021, according to Arcluster, in its latest and most comprehensive study on the Worldwide Automatic Milking Market [by Systems (Milking, Measurement, Management, Cooling, Transportation), Equipment, Parlors (Parallel, Rotary, Herringbone, Tandem), Services); by Herd Size; Regions]: Market Size, Forecasts, Insights and Opportunities (2016 – 2021). Arcluster forecasts substantial growth for a variety of automation systems across the milking value chain.

Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co. Partners with BizIQ

Arizona Grass Raised Beef Co., a trusted source for healthy, organic grass fed beef in Arizona, announced it has partnered with BizIQ, a Phoenix-based digital marketing company providing web marketing and design service for North American small businesses.

Wingfield Ag & Lawn's Boasts a Popular Lineup of Top Lawnmower Blade Brands

LogoCaring for one's lawn is a point of pride for most individuals. Ensuring the right equipment is purchased and properly installed is essential to making this a reality. Many retailers offer lawnmower blades that may get the job done but only sub-satisfactorily. Getting a quality brand that makes a strong and clean cut, lasts a long time, and doesn't make the lawnmower itself have to work as hard are all key points to consider. Few stores have had as much experience, have as top-level customer service, and have dealt with as many clients as Wingfield Ag & Lawn.

Compost Tumblers Inc. Introduces a More Cost Efficient and Easier Way of Making a Compost Pile with Using Composting Tumblers

LogoCompost Tumblers Inc. is introducing a more cost efficient and faster and easier way of making a compost pile with the use of composting tumblers. The use of these composting tumblers are highly recommended for those doing backyard gardening as well as those who are into organic farming and are still using compost pile instead of chemical-based fertilizers.

Europe Set to Host World Farmers' Programme 2017: Tropicanna Horticulture Comments

From 9th May – 10th May 2017 The Worlds Farmers' Programme will be hosted at the Jaabeurs Expo Centre in the Netherlands, and this is something which many farmers throughout Europe are incredibly excited about. The programme is designed to give farmers of all kinds' access to technology and expertise to improve agricultural productivity, boost investments and reduce post-harvest losses. This is not only a unique opportunity to learn more about the industry and how things are going to change going forward, but also a chance for farmers to meet likeminded people and start to build fantastic relationships.

Vegetables to Grow in Autumn: Hydroponica Comments

Many think that when autumn comes to an end, all there is left to do in a garden is harvest the fruits and vegetable which have been grown however this is not true and autumn is actually as important as spring when it comes to gardening. Autumn is a key time for gardeners to prepare and get ahead for the next growing season and some crops can even be grown throughout September and even further on, depending on the weather. Here are some crops that can be grown:

Royal Horticultural Society Provide Winter Vegetable Growing Tips: Grown Up Hydroponics Comments

When people first start their gardening lives, many are under the impression that throughout the winter period there is nothing that they can do, however this is not true and the Royal Horticultural Society have recently revealed some top tips for all to benefits from. Some of the things in which RHS recommend for winter growing include broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbages, leeks and parsnips.

Farmers Turn to Hydroponics in California Drought: Bradford Hydroponics Comment

In recent news it has been reported that the drought in California continues, with farmers having to look for other ways to grow their crops and feed their animals. It has been reported that one farmer has decided to turn to hydroponics – this lets him grow his crops indoors using minimal water. The farmer is growing sprouted barley inside using hydroponic equipment which requires only using 2% of the water it would talk to grow it outside. Therefore, saving water and money.

Grown Up Hydroponics Now Offering the Quietest Inline Fan Range

Deadly silent and full of power, if noise is a problem for you Grown Up Hydroponics is now offering a fan range ideal for you. The Silent Range of Extractor Fans from Soler and Palau are extremely quiet due to their lightweight, sound insulated design and are 100% suited to indoor growing.

Urban Agriculture on the Rise: Leeds Hydro Store Comments

With populations increasing and global resources becoming more and more expensive, the demand for fresh and local produce is drastically growing and because of this, many have been attempting to grow produce in alternative ways, in order to reduce food miles, increase nutrition and more. Urban agriculture is growing in popularity each and every day and this includes a plethora of growing techniques including but not limited to hydroponics, rooftop farming and aquaponics. These are all things that could, and already are changing the way our food in produced.

Zoo in Devon Utilises Hydroponics to Feed Animals: Hydroponica Comments

Since 2009 the Paignton Zoo in Devon has been utilising hydroponic farming to feed a large majority of its animals – not only diversifying animal feed but also vastly increasing nutritional density. The hydroponics system located at the zoo works to grow a range of nutritious crops including spinach and lettuce and the approximately 2000 animals that live at the zoo greatly enjoy these.

Fortune 500 Global AgTech Leader Standardizes on Heliospectra Technology

LogoApproaching 1,000 LED Lighting System Deployment After Heliospectra Receives Fourth Order.

Study Reveals Oud Oil's Anticancer Properties

LogoThe Treedom Group, a Thailand-based Oud Oil manufacturer and supplier to the global fragrance markets is highlighting an interesting study into the precious oil's potential breast cancer fighting properties. The Malaysian research university study revealed found concentrations of Oud oil inhibited 50% of the control cell growth, demonstrating activity against MCF-7 breast cancer cells.

IES Launched Full Range of LED Horticulture Grow Lighting Products

IES is one of the leading global developers of greenhouse and indoor farming and gardening LED lights solution. With an international team of agriculture experts and researchers, IES focuses on driving innovation and development in their industry which has earned them the status of being a global leading light in the field of supplemental lighting.

Heliospectra to Present on Cannabis Investor Webcast on September 15, 2016

LogoHeliospectra AB (publ) (OTCQB:HLSPY) (FIRSTNORTH:HELIO), a world leader in intelligent lighting technology for controlled environments horticulture, is pleased to announce that it will be a presenting company on the upcoming Cannabis Investor Webcast. The Webcast is scheduled to take place on Thursday, September 15, and Heliospectra is scheduled to present from 10:00 AM to 10:45 AM EST.